Is there a terroir for St. Valentine’s Day? Of course there is, and it’s called…La Morra.

On this special day for couples, choosing the right bottle of wine doesn’t have to be the sole territory of a sommelier, rather, it can be a gesture of thoughtfulness towards our better half. Because the extraordinary thing about wines is that they are all different, expressing unique nuances and characteristics that often come directly from their land of origins—their terroir. Carefully choosing a special bottle of wine is therefore the best way to offer a story and an idea along with your gift: the desire to share an experience that combines travel, nature, a human hand, tradition, and joy for your palate.

Here are some reasons why you should choose a Marcarini Barolo for a special Valentine’s Day wine.

To buy or not to buy a Barolo?

Yes, your choice in wines is practically infinite. But Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday like any other; on this day of all days, when choosing a wine, you should a) go with a bottle that is definitely good, b) pick something unique, and c) pick something prestigious, a product made with love and of high quality.

Barolo is a prestigious and unique wine, the product of a highly-restricted wine territory, a gift from nature, the fruit of ancient traditions, and requiring enormous attention and care on the part of its producers to make well. Trust us, Barolo is an important wine fit for an important occasion.

Pair only with important dishes?

Many describe Barolo as austere, tannic, and powerful. It’s a wine perfect for rich meats, game, and flavorful, intense tastes; a wine that might scare someone with its monumental characteristics, making it difficult to pair with food. Of course, some labels do exist that fit this description; but we assure you that Barolo is also an absolutely pleasant and surprising wine, characterized by complex aromas that will impress you and may be paired with (almost) anything.

Why choose a Barolo from La Morra?

Not all Barolos are equal. Nebbiolo is an extraordinary variety, able to express and bring out the best of the land where it’s cultivated, differing even with a few hundred meters. The Barolo wines of La Morra are probably some of the best-suited for Valentine’s Day. The sandy and silty-sandy soil give wines complex aromas, fruitiness, and make them generally more simple yet still incredibly refined and elegant. Elegance is the key word for La Morra.

Why choose a Marcarini Barolo?

Marcarini produces two Barolos from La Morra: Brunate and La Serra. These are the characteristics that distinguish them and make them excellent choices for a Valentine’s Day wine:

Brunate – This is our most celebrated cru wine, one of the most important of the zone. A combination of power and importance of the best Barolos, and an exceptionally rich bouquet with sweet yet strong tannins. It’s a choice for connoisseurs: in an outstanding class of traditional, elegant Barolos.

Barolo La Serra –La Serra is a cru that knows how to satisfy. Less well-known than Brunate, it creates wines that are extraordinarily elegant and smooth, with an exceptional floral bouquet and notable scents of rose—perfect for Valentine’s Day—with a delicacy that leaves you breathless. Without a shadow of a doubt, we highly recommend this for Valentine’s Day; taste it to believe it

Another good reason to try Marcarini wines? 

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