We tracked a pathway starting from and ending to Agriturismo Marcarini

Come with us for a beautiful, easy walk through the vineyards of Moscato, Dolcetto and Barbaresco Nebbiolo grapes, through a delightful, pristine valley of the Bassa Langa. Streams that have forged channels through the foothills. Lush, damp woods, flowers and precipitous ravines.  Above all, and looming over everything, are the hills of the UNESCO world heritage site.  We are in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world!


Departure and arrival points  – Agriturismo Marcarini
Duration  – About 3 hours, at a gentle pace
Difficulty – Easy, path indicated by white and red signs and arrows. Some steep climbs.
Ponts of interest  – Neviglie, the hills of Moscato and Barbaresco, Treiso.


The walk begins just outside Agriturismo Marcarini. An unsurfaced road leads down to the Tinella stream. Follow it and cross the iron bridge, or wade through the stream. Look around, after just a few steps you are already surrounded by lush, unspoiled nature, in the dense foliage which, at the bottom of the valley on the banks of the stream, has left no space for vines or other crops.

 Before the bridge, on the left, observe the hazelnut trees around a pond. They are part of our property. It is here that we grow the famous Tonde and Gentili delle Langhe nuts, which can be bought in various flavours in our  Wine Shop di La Morra or from our E-SHOP online.

Having crossed the stream, continue to go uphill, leaving some colourful beehives on your right. In the areas of Langhe and nearby Roero delicious honey is produced. No need to worry, the bees are docile and industrious.  If you do not disturb them, they will not sting you!

  Arnie sul sentiero per Neviglie


Now begins the climb that will take you, through a big vineyard surrounded by woods, to the asphalt road. Keep behnd you a group of houses and then turn left on to the SP (SentieroPpedestre - footpath) 200 towards Neviglie, at the top of the hill. When you reach the village, you will be immersed in a peaceful, orderly atmosphere. It is worth pausing to observe the view and visit the beautiful village centre, dating from medieval times. The parish church harbours a masterpiece: the Mystical wedding of Saint Catherine, attributed to Macrino d’AlbaLeave the village by SP 51, in the direction of Alba and Neive. When you get to a bend, keep right until you get to the Da Rosa B&B. A little before the B&B you will see an example of rural architecture, an old brick tool store that appears to have been built on the site of an ancient chapel. Go past the B&B and go down again through the vines.


Now begins a lovely descent along lovely sunny paths that will take you to Neive. On these wonderful hills are produced Moscato d'AstiLanghe Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera d'Alba. Follow the sign for Sentiero Bricco San Michele which will lead you, after you reach a lone tree with spreading branches, to the asphalt road. Turn left immediately, following the white and red signs.  After a hamlet, through a vineyard, the path reaches a little stream, which has carved out a deep channel. Follow the stream till it reaches the river Tinella, in the valley. The path descends through vieyards, groves of hazelnut trees, and little copses. Don’t get lost! Go straight ahead even when there does not appear to be a path! It is important to follow the bank of the stream. You will soon get to a flat area, with a hazelnut tree on the left, and then a meadow where goats are grazing.



The unpaved path ends at the regional road that links Alba and Neive. Turn left and walk in the direction of Treiso. Continue for one kilometre, passing the hamlet of Moretta. You will see on your right the great wall of Barbaresco Nebbiolo vines, an imposing, steep, south-facing slope, descending to the valley. The course of the stream borders the area south of Neive, where Barbaresco Docg (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita – denoting controlled production methods and guaranteed wine quality) is produced. The steep vineyards here are part of the Basarin MGA (Menzione Geografica Aggiunta – Additional Geographic Definitions), of the Barbaresco cru.

Go over the bridge and, a little further on, turn left towards Trezzo Tinella. A few metres ahead, by a lamp post, turn right following the sign for Treiso along footpath S4 (a long path that links Barolo and Barbaresco in a circuit named BAR TO BAR). Now begins a lovely, sunny ascent along little paths, all well signed, with a fabulous view over the vineyards of Neive behind you and, in front of you, the beautiful countryside of the Tinella valley. Look at it carefully, see how the woods and vegetation increase higher up.  Trezzo Tinella marks the border between the hills of Bassa Langa, covered with vines, and the hills of Alta Langa, much less cultivated.


The ascent continues up to the top of the hill where, when you reach the asphalt road again, turn left, following the sign Sentiero Ponte di Ferro (Path to the Iron Bridge). Alternatively, you can continue straight on to Treiso, one of the four municipalities where, together with Barbaresco, Alba and Neive,  Barbaresco Docg can be produced. At this point, the road descends to return to Agriturismo Marcarini. Before you lie the hills of Alta Langa, which stretch as far as the eye can see, to the border with Liguria.


Follow the asphalt road downhill, enjoying the view. At a certain point, a sharp bend on the left reveals an overhang covered with vegetation and flowers. It is part of the Rocche del Barbaresco (Barbaresco Rocks), gorges carved out by erosion from the water.  The deep gorges appear suddenly between the hills, and are most spectacular near Treiso, where the Rocche dei Sette Fratelli (Rocks of the Seven Brothers) can be seen. When you get to the bottom of the valley, turn left again and you will be back at your starting point, Agriturismo Marcarini.

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